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    1pc Crochet Flower Handmade Knitted Flower Gift for Her

    SKU : XHBPJJ13831
    60% OFF
    White tulip
    Red tulip
    Pink tulip
    Yellow tulip
    Purple tulip
    Blue tulip
    Red rose
    Pink rose
    Blue rose
    Only 9967 left

    Pure handmade crochet hook flower, in the machining of the times, the traditional handicraft is on the verge of extinction, do not and machine embroidery compared, it has a collection of boutique. Artificial flower bouquets can insert the vase and placed in every corner of the room as decorations, then adding warm colors for the room.

    Impressive gifts that will make memories last forever. Weave your heart into flowers, love that never fades, send colleagues, lovers, mothers, girlfriends, and make gifts become happy. Great for Thanksgiving day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday, Anniversary and at any time of year.

    Material: Wool