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    Custom Photo Projection Scannable Spotify Code Keychain Personalized Photo Music Keyring Anniversary Gifts

    SKU : SKL2684A
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    Buy 2, get 1 of the items for FREE
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    Anti-oxidation Titanium Steel
    Anti-oxidation Titanium Steel
    14k Gold Plated Titanium Steel
    Rose Gold Plated Titanium Steel
    Only 10000 left

    Tell someone special how much you love them with this elegant photo-projecting keychain. Simply hold the pendant up to a light source, and it will project the photo. Custom the Spotify code keychain, and choose any song you want, all can be imprinted on the plaque, and you can generate a unique Spotify code. Please note that the plaque itself does not emit music. You have to scan the code on the Spotify app, after scanning the code on Spotify, your song will start playing immediately. On any memorable day, I believe this is the most romantic gift, play the most beautiful music for your love.