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    Custom Photo Grip Tape with Personalized Text Non Slip Skateboard Tape Longboards Griptape Scooter Grips

    SKU : CFS631X02
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    33.1 x 9.1 inch/84 x 23 cm
    33.1 x 9.1 inch/84 x 23 cm
    44.9 x 10 inch/114 x 25.5 cm
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    • Material: Made of exclusive emery and high-density sand grains. Also, it is non-slip and wear-resistant. The sticky surface of sandpaper is strong and not easy to fall off. The skateboard griptape provides rock solid bonding to deck surface, effortless conformability, easy trimming without tearing, and superior durability for professional use.
    • Size: 44.9 x 10 inch/114 x 25.5 cm?33.1 x 9.1 inch/84?x 23 cm
    • Suitable for all skateboard shapes, super sticky self-adhesive back and high traction grit for maximum foot traction,?allow skateboarder to do more complex and difficult technical tricks.
    • Feature:?Easy trimming without tearing, and superior durability for professional use, the skateboard grip tapes with exclusive perforation technique for a bubble-free support, it will not peel off when exposed to cold or heat.
    • Easy to Install: Tear off the scooter grips's paper on the back, aim at the edge of the skateboard, stick the grip tape on the skateboard, and use knife to cut off the excess, the extra part after cutting can be used as ordinary sandpaper to polish various objects.
    • Widely Used: it can be widely used in most skateboards, skate scooters, kick scooters, slide plates, roller boards, longboard dance boards, double rockers, large long banquets, small longboards, electric scooters, or for anti-skid stairs, etc.