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Wine bottle wrapping to impress!

Wine bottle wrapping to impress!
Every guests knows you never show up to a holiday party empty handed! The default host gift, is, of course, wine. But how many of us wine enthusiasts have handed the host or hostess our carefully curated bottle, only to have it idle away on a countertop or get lost in a blizzard of box wine and assorted bubbly. Or, just the opposite, what if you’re not a wine buff and your wallet is a little thin? How do you turn a forgettable $10 bottle of vino into something more? The answer: you get your MyFaceGiftWrap game on!

You don’t need a full roll or even a full sheet to make this idea work. Use leftover scraps from a MyFaceGiftWrap creation, and grab some double-sided tape.

Simply cut and place your giftwrap around the bottle and fasten with double-sided tape … voila! Whether it’s a #TurkeySelfie for Thanksgiving or a #SantaSelfie for Christmas Eve with the fam, we guarantee laughs with your libations.

Another tip: turn it into a game … guess the wine! With the labels covered in your hilarious paper, it’s the perfect prop for a wine tasting guessing game! Cabernet Savignon? Pinot Noir? A full-bodied Zin?

Upcycle your #MyFaceGiftWrap leftovers to make for a fun conversation piece!